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R U Guys suizidal?

This is for the person, who is responsible for the Gas festival. How do you sleep at night? Why do you ask for 3 Bucks for admission, but take the risk of a multimillion Dollar Lawsuit. Do U have any conscience? Do you have any clue, how danger your electrical wiring job is (for the campers in front of the new Boot dock)? The receptacle are just laying on the ground; every trailer has a 30Amp draw, but is plugged into a 15 Amp Receptacle, which is hooked up to a 200AMP Breaker. LET ME REPEAT THIS. A 15AMP RECEPTACLE IS HOOKED UP TO A 200 AMPERE BREAKER! I don't have words for this kind of greedy behavior. Are you really to cheap, to invest in a save and proper equipment? Do you rather take the chance of risking a life? I hope you use the 3 Bucks and spend it on a good liability Insurance, because, the next real Electrician won't write in the Tyler Star News, he will set you up and sue every penny out of you guys.It's real easy, he just have to spill a drink on the receptacle and he


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