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Tyler County Happenings

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Bringing Sistersville Back.....

Posts: 0 - It is just a first step but it is in the right direction. The sistersville fire department is bringing back the ladies auxiliary. We will be having fish fry's and Saturday breakfast.

1982 days ago.
by Iamchaz
Unfair Water Rates!

Posts: 0 - I currently live outside of the city limits, but when I lived in town AND opened up my small business, my water bill about BROKE my family...

1994 days ago.
by lgdeliverydotcom
Remember when movies were good?

Posts: 0 - I recently had the misfortune to watch Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. To sum it up in one word, this movie was CRAP.

2006 days ago.
by ChrisHoke
Tyler Alive Accepting Nominations

Posts: 0 - Tyler Alive / Tyler Revitalization is accepting nominations in November for board positions. Voting will be in December. So . .

2018 days ago.
by TylerResident
A What if question - let's have fun!

Posts: 0 - Just for fun, there is no right answers or wrong answers and you may answer this question many times.

2035 days ago.
by ChrisHoke
Is Sistersville 'ON TRAC'?

Posts: 0 - I'm very anxious to see whether or not people in the community whole-heartedly support Tyler Revitalization's movement to revive Tyler County and more specifically, Sistersville.

2039 days ago.
by Michael01
Trailers in Sistersville

Posts: 0 - Hello all, We are looking for feedback on the proposed ordinance to restrict the placement of trailers in the City of Sistersville. Let us know what your thoughts are...

2045 days ago.
by TylerResident
Knights Soccer

Posts: 0 - How about the Boys Knights Soccer team? They have a great record this year with 12 wins and setting several school records. Their first round in the playoffs will be Sat., Oct.

2219 days ago.
by ChrisHoke
Sistersville Survey

Posts: 0 - Next week - Monday through Thursday we will be coming door to door with a survey of about 10 questions.