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1953 days ago.
by dangerousdaneerfan

Tell Fox and City Council "HELL NO!!!!"

Show up Monday night at Sistersville City Council and tell Fox and City Council*****NO on the proposed $1/thousand gallons surcharge to be added to our water bills to provide city sewage to Hanford City!!!!


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97Lumina, I will tell you once again, NO. State law forbids me from holding public office while I am still a State employee. I will retire in 3 years, then I will let you know.

Posted 1953 days ago.


Dear DangerousDan: Any chance of you becoming the next Mayor of Sistersville and cleaning this City up? Your message board comments seem to tell us you have ALL the answers to Sistersville's problems.

Posted 1953 days ago.


Sorry, 7pm Monday Night at City Hall.

Posted 1961 days ago.


Public Meeting Monday, Feb 11 to discuss the proposed sewage extension to Hanford City. Sistersville Fire Hall.

Posted 1962 days ago.

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