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P.C. Moves Forward With Water Project

April 11, 2018
BY CHAD TURNER - Staff Writer ( , Tyler Star News

At council's April 2 meeting, Thrasher Engineering representative Dan Drogg and Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council representative Tim Meeks presented Paden City council with an engineering report for the planning phase of the projected new water plant. Thrasher will be fixing lines, building new tanks, rectifying issues at the plant, replacing the telemetry system, and making any other updates it deems necessary. There will be environmental reports, preliminary reports, and applications for funding to process, in order to complete the project. The planning phase will cost approximately $35,000, and $10,000 for any of the special studies at the water plant. Thrasher Engineering will carry the burden of the cost until the project is complete. Thrasher is working with the USDA to acquire funding, and the city will look into any grants or loans available to assist with costs. There will also need to be a Rule 42 completed, which is a rate analysis. A motion passed to enter the agreement upon review of the engineering report. There was also a motion to defer costs until grants are secured. It was mentioned that Thrasher Engineering has been excellent to work with.

The topic was added to the special April 17 laying of the Levy meeting.

Under citizens concerns, a gentleman came forward to express his displeasure with water flooding his basement every time there is heavy rainfall.

He stated he approached council several months ago about the problem, and he has seen no results. The gentleman claims the water is coming from the Development Authority gutters, going into the parking lot and road, and running into his basement. He said he is getting tired of cleaning his basement every time it rains. The mayor suggested the man purchase a sump pump to place in his basement, because his property is about 14 inches below the surface of the road. The gentleman said he pays a maintenance fee on the streets, but the streets are not being taken care of properly. Mayor Ken Stead stated he would talk with the Development Authority about its gutters on behalf of the gentleman, though the city does not have the authority to tell someone where to run their rain spouts.

Another resident came forward about the cleanliness of the park. She inquired about an RV that has been sitting in the park. Mayor Stead mentioned he has spoken with State Farm insurance, and State Farm wants to take the RV out of the park, but the mayor will not allow this until drier weather, to prevent further destruction of the park. The mayor also informed the resident that the Park and Pool Commission is responsible for cleanup of the park. He noted the trash containers are contained, so people do not steal them. Mayor Stead said he is not wanting the park used at the moment, due to mud and weather conditions.

The resident also asked why the swings were not properly put away for winter. She also gave advice that when the drains are cleaned out, the debris should be removed from the street to prevent it from running back into the drains. Her last concern was a sewer line replacement near her property. The city has started the project but not finished it. The woman was informed the weather was the main reason why the project was unfinished. Also, water leaks have taken precedence over sewer line installation.

One resident came forth to inform council that there is a trailer near the park that was caught in the flood, and is surrounded with glass. He felt it would cost the city damage to lawnmower tires, and potentially presents a danger to individuals and their pets, who walk around the park. He also inquired about delinquent water payments being collected through the magistrate court. He was informed it has not been productive to report delinquent bills to the magistrate court as the court basically reaffirms that the bills are due, but the delinquent bills are still not being paid. The city can eventually seize assets in the amount of what is owed, but then there will have to be an auction to get the funds for the assets. This will also cost the city a fee. It also costs the city to file paperwork, and there is no guarantee the city will receive the money owed. It was noted there is a tremendous amount of money owed to the city, but collecting that money has become nearly impossible.

Maintenance Superintendent Josh Billiter mentioned that progress has been rough with the weather being so wet. He said there has been a good bit of sewer line laid, and some of the manhole issues have been fixed. There were a few water leaks that needed to be repaired, and he is hoping for better weather this spring in order to prepare for summer. He mentioned he needs new tires for the backhoe at a cost of $1,305.12. He said he turned in some scrap metal and was given a check for $1,125.20 to use toward the tires. Billiter said he also needs two tires for an F250 which will cost approximately $400.

It was noted the Meadow Heights project is moving along as water lines have been laid, and the booster station should be installed by the end of the month. The site has been prepped. Billiter said there are three trees in the park that need to come down, but his chainsaw is not big enough to handle the trees. He is looking for a chainsaw with a 25 inch bar, so he may need to rent one.

Also, a water plant operator has retired. Council agreed to advertise for the position in order to get someone hired as soon as possible, to try to avoid all of the overtime costs.

Also, patchwork on the streets will begin as soon as weather allows. Billiter suggested the city advertise for a company to do the paving of the roads as opposed to waiting in an effort to get a better price.

As to the Sewer Department, it was reported that a letter has been sent to the DEP about previously reported manhole overflow issues. The city workers have fixed all of the problems found through the smoke and camera tests conducted. Since then, there have been no problems with manholes overflowing. Also, the sewer project is complete, and Litman's will finish the landscaping. There were some funds leftover from the project that will be used toward making discharge line upgrades in town.

Police Chief Bob Kendle reported his officers are required to have mandatory credit hours ever year, so he has been sending them to as many training classes as possible. Some of those classes include radar classes, simmer training, and roadside impaired driving enforcement class. Kendle mentioned there were 89 complaints last month, to which he stated, "For a small town, that's a lot." He also mentioned the police cruisers are wearing out, and he would like to look into replacements. He presented a state bid sheet with vehicles offered at the lowest state price possible.

The Park and Pool Department members reported they are uninstalling the fence around the tennis court, and at this time, the court will be used for parking. There was also recently an Easter Egg hunt at the park, and there were an estimated 100 people gathered. Also, WV Hotspot is going to contact the Police Department to figure out the best locations to install the cameras at the park. It was also mentioned the proposed frisbee golf course is no longer going to be installed, though there is talk about installing a miniature golf course. However, nothing is official. One citizen suggested the Park and Pool look into purchasing a new lawnmower. Park and Pool had received funds from Wetzel County in the amount of $7,000 toward the frisbee golf course. Since that is no longer happening, the city is trying to find a responsible way to use the funds for the park. Some residents felt the park was in terrible shape last year, and they would like to see better care taken this year.

There will be a special meeting on April 17 for laying the levy. The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the city building.

Burning permit times were established as being from April 15 through May 15. A permit must be obtained in order to burn during this time.

Also, Mayor Stead recently received a letter from the US Chamber of Commerce about frivolous cases dealing with mesothelioma. There have been cases in which people have taken out multiple claims to take advantage of the situation. There was also a section which talked about attorneys not getting paid for services until settlements have been made. It is not for all cases, but it is something the Chamber of Commerce wanted to bring to light. City Attorney Carolyn Flannery stated these should be individual cases and did not understand why the Chamber of Commerce addressed the municipality. Therefore, Mayor Stead opted not to sign the document but the form will be available at the city building for those who would be interested in looking into it further.

The city has replaced their computers in the city building. The computers were previously operating on Windows 7, and personnel were starting to get "locked out" of many of their documents. Therefore, WV Hotspot installed Windows 10 on all the computers. The quote on the project was $2,500 but came in at $2,100.

The laying of the levy meeting will be April 17, and the next regularly scheduled council meeting is set for May 7 beginning at 7 p.m. and located at the city building in Paden City.



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