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Paden City, Winter Court and Scores

February 4, 2017
Tyler Star News

Good morning Tyler County.

Quote of the day comes from Paden City Mayor Joel Davis "Trust me, I don't like how slow government works sometimes and I'm in it." More on that in a minute.

Temperatures this morning are in the low teens. Farmers have to work in all kinds of weather which inspired me to post this video about the Roberts' farm. I should have waited to post it on the day the Tyler Star News runs the big story about the Roberts' family, but patience when waiting for stuff like Christmas presents was never my strong suit.

Article Photos

TCHS Winter Formal Court

In other news, the Silver Knights will be having their Winter Formal this evening. Congratulations to the 2017 Winter Formal Court: Freshman -- Hannah Jackson, Rachel Thomas; Sophomores -- Madison Glover, Peyton Kocher; Juniors -- Aleah Baker, Isabella Camerlin; Seniors -- Payden Clem, Alexis Jenkins, Macy Long, Davi Stanley and Seminole Weekley.

Have a good time. Be safe, be smart tonight. Perhaps send photos to Or reach out to the editor via social media so as to send any pictures.

In sports news, Ravenswood's boys' basketball team defeated Tyler Consolidated, 67-58, Friday night in Middlebourne. Look at that! Dylan Roberts drained five 3-pointers and finished with 20 points. Good deal. Quintin Richmond netted 13 points and Jace Reed added 11 points.

Back to Paden City...

Mayor Davis posted a bit on social media earlier this morning (Saturday) about the problems facing Meadow Heights, which has been plagued with water pressure/system problems for awhile. Davis assures people that City Hall is taking every step it can to resolve the problem. This is what Davis posted:

I have seen posts about the water issue on Meadow Heights and have received messages. So, I figured I would post what is going on with getting the problem resolved.

For those who do not know Meadow Heights was annexed into the city years ago. When they were annexed their water system was not addressed. Basically, the city just annexed them in without having their water distribution updated. Not putting blame or passing the buck, just stating facts.

Please just give me a little bit longer. I understand the frustration and I've been trying to fix this ever since I got in. I will admit that the ball was dropped on this project previously, but we have been moving forward since last summer. Not saying we haven't had setbacks during that time, because we have. We were all ready to move on installing a new, more powerful, pump, but then found out that the old transite water lines that run up through Meadow Hts. would not be able to handle the new pressure and would cause blowouts in the pipe. With these blowouts, the water would have to be shut off and the line fixed for every leak.

Since we found out about the water lines, things have been moving forward with Thrasher Engineering on the new addition to the project. This involved drawing up plans, getting a cost and material analysis, etc. Thrasher Engineering advertised for bids and it had to be advertised for 30 days. That time has passed and we will be having the bid openings on the at 16th @ 2pm. The reason for the 16th is we have to pay Thrasher for their time and they will already be here that day for the pre-closing on the upcoming sewer project. This is where we will know who will be doing the project.

Give Mayor Davis and City Hall the benefit of the doubt. They're working hard to get this problem resolved.



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