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From Thomas E.Trader Sr.

April 8, 2015
Tyler Star News

Letter To The Editor,

I was watching the news the other day. They were talking to an insurance agent. The agent said that if you damage your car by hitting a pot hole, and turn it in on your insurance, it will be classified as an accident. You will have to pay a deductible to get it fixed. The agent said to check your tire pressure and drive slow on the pot hole. That is all common sense. What happens to all the money that you pay on car insurance if you do not use it?

Then when you do need it, they penalize you for using it. The damage should be turned into the state if they cannot repair the roads the correct way, that we can drive on them and not like we are driving through a school zone.

It was also in the paper that the state does not have the money to blacktop the roads, only patch them. They have already proved they cannot patch. Look north of New Martinsville and coming into Paden City. They cannot blame it on the freezing because it was already coming apart before that. One spot beside Paden Memorial Gardens grave yard is sinking, and coming down into Paden City is sinking. Route 2 and Robinson is sinking. South of the old state police barracks is really bad.

Now the State of West Virginia over the years said they had to pass certain laws or the federal government would cut back onto their funding of our roads. They passed the laws; now where is the money? They keep building four lanes in places where they do not need them. Take care of the roads we already have. We all pay taxes and high gas taxes in West Virginia. I feel, and a lot of other people I talk to believe, that Wetzel County is one of the last counties in our area to have Route 2 fixed the way it should be fixed. If anyone else feels the same way, please contact Charleston.

It was also in the paper by some of the gas drilling companies that West Virginia says that since they damage a lot of the roads that they will have to have them fined, and it is putting a hardship on them. Since their equipment is damaging the roads then, we should not have to pay to fix them. They should. Thank you for your time.

God Bless

Thomas E. Trader Sr.

Paden City



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